Explore the Full Range of Haitonal's Liquid Milk: A Guide to Meet All Your Needs

At Haitonal, we offer a diverse range of liquid milk, ranging from the economical 5l format to the more convenient 1l and 500ml formats, available in whole milk and semi-skimmed milk versions. Explore our products and discover the benefits of each format to meet your specific needs.

Why Choose Haitonal's 5L Liquid Milk for Your Business?

Are you looking for an economical and practical solution for your liquid milk needs? Our 5-liter bulk format is the answer. Opt for cost-effectiveness with our wholesale milk, ideal for budget-conscious businesses. Reduce costs while ensuring freshness and quality to satisfy your customers.

The Ultimate Guide to Liquid Milk: Choosing Between Whole and Semi-Skimmed

Navigate between our whole milk and semi-skimmed milk to find the one that suits your preferences and nutritional needs. Discover the differences between these two types of milk and their respective benefits for a healthy and balanced diet.

Haitonal's 1L Liquid Milk: The Solution Tailored to Emerging Markets

For international markets and small families, our convenient 1-liter format is the ideal solution. Enjoy the freshness and quality of our liquid milk in a standard format, perfectly suited to moderate consumption needs. Meet demand while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Indulge in Freshness with Haitonal's 500ml Liquid Milk: Perfect for On-the-Go and Small Portions

Need a convenient option for on-the-go and small portions? Our 500ml format is the answer. Take the freshness of our uht milk with you everywhere, perfect for snacks, travel, and individual consumption needs. Offer your customers convenience without compromising on quality, suits very well to emerging markets.

Wholesale Liquid Milk or Uht milk Distribution Strategies