Haitonal Dairy Exports: Leading in Quality, Custom Solutions, and Sustainability

Haitonal is proud to be a leading European dairy exporter, setting the benchmark for unmatched quality in dairy products. Our tailor-made approach offers customized dairy solutions, meeting the specific needs of consumers with precision and care. At the heart of our offering is our protein-rich milk powder, offering not only a taste, but an abundant source of protein essential for a healthier lifestyle.

Our commitment to international export excellence is unwavering, ensuring our products cross borders with unsurpassed quality and reliability. We combine quality with affordability, offering competitive prices without compromising the superiority of our dairy range.

Located in Belgium, an agricultural centre renowned for its dairy heritage, Haitonal exploits the essence of this heritage, offering health-conscious dairy choices for discerning consumers. Our sustainable dairy practices underscore our commitment to environmental responsibility, ensuring a greener future with every product we offer.

Moreover, our commitment goes beyond products; it encompasses service. Our responsive customer service is at your disposal, ensuring that your needs are not only met, but exceeded. As a certified dairy exporter, we adhere to the highest standards, ensuring our customers quality and reliability.

We specialize in bulk supply chain solutions, offering streamlined services for your diverse needs. Haitonal is proud of its pioneering role in the milk powder industry, setting benchmarks and paving the way for innovation and excellence in all aspects of its operations.

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