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Welcome to Macatam! We're not just your average Macaron supplier. Oh no, we're here to shake things up and sprinkle a little sweetness into your life with our XL Macarons that are bursting with personality and flavor.

At Macatam, we believe bigger is better, which is why our Macarons are larger with premium goodness. Made with 100% almond flour, these sweeties not only taste amazing but also have a very long shelf life !

But wait, it gets even better! We're not stingy with the fillings here. Our Macarons are generously stuffed with creamy deliciousness that will have you customers coming back for more. From classic flavors like strawberry, chocolate, and pistachio to special editions like cheesecake, Oreo, and tiramisu, there's a flavor adventure waiting for you with every bite.

So, whether you're treating yourself or sharing the love with friends (if you can bear to part with them), Macatam Macarons are here to make every moment a little sweeter. Dive in, indulge, and let the flavor fiesta begin!

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Introducing XL macarons to your business is more than just adding a sweet treat to your offerings. It's about tapping into a world of popularity, increased turnover, and new customer attraction.

  • Macarons are really popular and have lots of fans.
  • Your turnover will go up a significantly.
  • Selling macarons will bring in new customers.
  • They're easy to prepare since they just need defrosting.
  • You can easily add them to your business without spending too much at the start.
  • Offering macarons will make your store seem fancier and more valuable.

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Macaron per tablet : 50 macarons 

Tablets per carton : 6 tablets

Macarons per Box : 300 macarons

Box per palette : 40 Boxes 

Macaron per pallet : 12 000 macarons 

Condition : Frozen -18°C

Shelf life : Up to 12 months

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Our Clients

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Catering Service 

 Event Planner

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Cafés / Tea house 


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Railway companies

20,000+ Macarons are sold everyday in the world 

Join us and make your company a sweeter place.